I come here with a loving heart and an open mind! I want to connect with you!

I came to WordPress as an outlet because yoga just wasn’t zen enough for me. 

I am on WordPress because I want to unleash all of myself and my true, real-time secrets onto this public platform. I have nothing to hide, there are NO filters here.

My intentions are: to have authentic thoughts that  lead to authentic words which lead to authentic actions, thus create authentic habits.

This is my real life, I’m the one living it! I’m going to do what I want and say what I want, that is the very reason why I came to WordPress. 

My thoughts are authentic. My words are mine. My actions are genuine.

I record what I am thinking, feeling and what I am exploring. I live my life unapologetically and on purpose!
I will strip down and show you my real life. Dive deep into the mind of 25 year old Sydni Drake.

Also, I want to get to know you. Let’s have a real Conversation. Send me an e-mail. I really value your time and your thoughts. Let’s reach out to one another and be a brother and a sister for each other!

Live and Love unapologetically!

xoxoxxo-Sydni Drake